Water Heater Installation Disasters You Can Avoid by Hiring Pros | Insight from Your Trusted Water Heater Repair Service in Richmond, VA

Water Heater Installation Disasters You Can Avoid by Hiring Pros | Insight from Your Trusted Water Heater Repair Service in Richmond, VA

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When it comes to installing water heaters, you should not settle for anyone less than a professional plumber to do the job for you. There are diverse water heating systems out there and all of them have their methods of installation.

If you think you can buy one of those, go through the manual and install the water heater yourself, then it is just not that easy. Plumbing has a lot of intricacies and most of us cannot gauge the extent of the complexity. Only an experienced plumber will be able to make sure that there are no leakages from faulty pipes and your water and drainage systems are operating smoothly.

There are several factors to consider while installing a water heater, and just in case things go wrong, only a professional will be able to take care of the issue. Not only will they help with the installation, but they will also take care of water heater repair in the future.

Why Do You Need Professional Water Heater Repair Services?

Here are some of the things that could go wrong with a water heater.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

If you have opted for a gas-powered water heater, then there are chances of monoxide poisoning if the heater is not vented properly. Thankfully, there are many experienced plumbers and technicians in Richmond, VA who can identify this problem early.

CO is produced as a by-product of a gas heated water heater. But at times, due to faulty venting issues, the gas could leak inside your home and this can be fatal. When this happens, you need to opt for water heater repair from a professional. They will make sure that the CO detector is installed and it is functioning properly. They will also check that the vent is free of any obstructions like debris. At times, birds tend to make the nests on the heater because of the warmth but that could lead to obstructions as well, which the plumber will clear.


Gas water heaters are safe to use but if the temperature and pressure valves are not installed properly, it could exert more pressure and cause the device to explode. This can be serious, and you or your family members could also suffer from burns from a faulty overflow tube. Consult for a water heater repair to take care of the problem.

Ideally, the valve should be installed 6 inches above the floor and the discharge should be safely diverted. Plumbers also conduct safety checks to ensure that valve installation is perfect. Such inspections should be carried out by professionals at regular intervals to avoid any accidents.

Accidents from Cracks and Leaks:

The dry-fire from the first usage of a water heater can develop complications in the electric heating elements of the heater. Such water heater repairs require nuanced work. Electrical heating elements are the main components of a water heater, so any damage to them could prevent your heater from functioning smoothly. The gas burner could also overheat and cause the tank to crack.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the tank might have to be replaced. Make sure you only have an expert plumber to do the job for you. Usually, water heaters should be heated up only when the water flow is completely uninterrupted. Hot water faucets at home should be checked frequently for any interruptions or breaks in water flow.

Accidents from Faulty Fittings:

While it can be very tempting for you to fix faulty fittings  at home using DIY methods, you should leave such repairs to the professionals. Fittings are soldered into the walls but you might not be able to judge where to solder them.

The heat from the tank could melt plastic fittings and metal fittings could become too hot to handle. The screws holding the fittings together could either become too tight or loose due to the excessive heat. The professionals from Richmond, VA, would create an extension and then allow the pipes to cool before the temperature is right for the fittings to go on again.

Such water heater repairs can be tricky because it requires correct measurements for the fittings to be completely aligned with the plumbing.

Inexperienced Handling:

One of the major causes behind gas water heater accidents is inexperienced handling of the device. Water heater repairs and new installations require detailed knowledge of wiring, heating, installation procedure, plumbing, and also some construction. How the heater is installed often depends on the construction of the house.

Old houses with thick walls might heat up faster and provide better insulation, but it is tougher to make changes in the walls and paneling if required, due to the same reason. Experts from Richmond, VA are best suited for such water heater repair tasks. They would go beyond simply following the instructions of the manual and use their judgment during installations and repairs, depending on the surroundings.

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We always carry out inspections before any new installations or water heater repairs. We aim to provide you with complete water heater solutions, no matter which kind of heater you are using. We believe that no one should have to worry about something as basic as hot water and our goal is to make your life comfortable. Contact us today, for we are just a phone call away.

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