Sump Pump Repair: 4 Obvious Signs Of Sump Pump Failure | Richmond, VA

Sump Pump Repair: 4 Obvious Signs Of Sump Pump Failure | Richmond, VA

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If your sump pump is not working at all or doesn’t turn on, then you probably know it’s time for sump pump repair but it would be helpful to know that your system was malfunctioning before it broke down completely. Like most things, most sump pumps do not immediately die. Many systems will give off warning signs that something is wrong or that it is time for sump pump repair. Knowing what to look for can help you get on the phone with a plumber before the system completely dies and needs to be replaced.

Believe it or not, if you are quick to call a plumber sump pump repair is possible in a lot of scenarios. At some point, the damage will be too drastic to repair, but quick action can help keep you from getting in this situation. More importantly, quick action will keep you from finding a flooded garage or basement because the sump pump unexpectedly quit working. Avoiding floods should be your chief motivation, so make it a point to pay a little attention to your sump pump from time to time to ensure it is still working as it should be in Richmond, VA.

Odd Noises

Outside of a humming noise when the sump pump is working you should never hear any sounds coming from it may be a sign of a sump pump repair need. If you start to hear noises there is a good chance that somewhere in the pump is a damaged part or a piece that is wearing out. You want to take immediate action at this point because the longer you allow it to continue to work the higher the chances that one damaged part will become multiple damaged parts. At this point, the price of sump pump repair might make it a better idea to just replace the unit.

A lot of times heavy noises like banging or squawking indicate that there is a failed bearing in the motor. On the other hand, grinding or rattling noise indicates that something is wrong with the impeller. The impeller is what actually pulls water into the pump and the motor is of course what allows the pump to work at all. Obviously, both of these parts play an integral role in the function of your sump pump so any noises bear further investigation.

Sump Pump Is Vibrating

If your sump pump is not making odd noises but vibrates every time you hear it run this can also be a strong reason to call a plumber in Richmond, VA for sump pump repair. Sometimes sump pumps suck up debris while pulling in water that can hit the impeller blade and cause damage. The purpose of the impeller is to pull water towards it. If one of the blades gets bent then it will wobble as it spins which in turn causes the entire pump to vibrate. You may also hear a nose or a clattering from your sump pump. It is almost impossible to bend an impeller blade back into place, but you should still turn off the pump and have a plumber take a look at it. If you continue to let the unit run you can count on even more damage so it is a better idea to get it serviced first.

Sump Pump Isn’t Getting Used Much

This is not necessarily a sign that your sump pump needs repair, but more a reminder that you need to check on your sump pump to ensure that it does not need sump pump repair. If your sump pump does not run very often it may be dead and you will not know it until a big storm hits and your basement or garage floods. Plus, not using your sump pump can actually lead to it dying long before its actual lifespan is complete.

If you know that your pump will not be used too much then it is a good idea to start a notebook of test times. Try to test your sump pump at least once every month so that you can make sure everything sounds right and the pump is functioning. If you notice that something is wrong or you have just moved into a home and don’t know the current condition of the sump pump, then go ahead and call a plumber to have it inspected first and then make a note to test it following the inspection.

Sump Pump Never Turns Off

A sump pump should only run when there is rain outside or water to drain, so if it is running when the weather is dry this is a clear sign that something is wrong and sump pump repair may be needed. Usually in this situation, the float switch is not working properly. As the name explains, the float switch is a switch that is supposed to float upwards with the rise of water. Once it reaches a certain point the switch will flip turning the pump on.

If something happens to the switch and it gets stuck in an elevated position the sump pump will assume the water level is high and continue to run. If the issue is not the switch, there is a chance that your sump pump cannot handle the amount of water it is tasked with and it may be time to upgrade. Before making any move you should talk to a plumber to see if sump pump repair is on the table or not.

These are just a few of the dozens of signs that can indicate it is time to call a professional for help with your sump pump. If you notice any of these signs or have a feeling that something is off about your pump then give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond a call. We can come out to inspect your sump pump and let you know if repair or replacement is in your future.

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