7 Summer Plumbing Tips To Decrease Water Heater Repair Needs | Richmond, VA

7 Summer Plumbing Tips To Decrease Water Heater Repair Needs | Richmond, VA

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A fun time of year to be outdoors, go swimming, ride bikes, visit friends, go on vacation and much more, summer weather offers a comfortable environment for partaking in an array of fun activities. The arrival of warm weather in Richmond, VA ushers in graduation parties, wedding celebrations, family reunions, barbecues and several other types of gatherings. The increase in activities means an increase in traffic to your home possibly causing a need for a water heater repair or two. More dishes to clean, increased usage of a hose to water flowers, sprinkle the lawn and much more may result in the need for various types of plumbing repair, including water heater repair. Get your home’s plumbing in summer-ready shape with these tips and tricks.

1.  Inspect for Leaks

After a long winter with cold weather, summer’s warm temperatures provide the best time to check your plumbing for leaks. The warm weather allows you to take care of any noticeable leaks or water heater repair issues, whether inside or outside. While inspecting each element of your water system, both inside and outside, all areas of a home should be in working order, including faucets, pipes under the sink, hot water heater, sprinklers, pool, shower heads and much more. Look for rust, broken parts, corrosion and any other signs of trouble. A flashlight may also help to see clearly underneath cabinets and in dark corners. If any leaks are found either promptly repair them or contact a professional plumber for assistance.

2.  Survey Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are another area of a home’s plumbing that should be checked thoroughly. Whether locally or another part of the country, a broken sprinkler system can be disastrous. Sprinkler heads should be inspected and cleaned at the beginning of each summer season. If any sprinkler heads are broken or damaged they should be removed and replaced. Sprinklers are known to waste water due to leaks underground. In addition to driving up your water bill, a faulty sprinkler can destroy grass, yard work and plants. Prevent broken sprinklers from causing water to run into the foundation or onto the home by both checking them thoroughly and watching them perform at the beginning of each summer season.

3.  Find Main Water Valve

Homes are almost always equipped with their own personal main water valve. Knowing where the main water shutoff is can prevent costly damage in the event of a water emergency, such as the need for water heater repair and other disastrous situations. Some homes have their main water shutoff deep within the structure, including in the basement, utility closet or garage. Other homes add their main water shutoff outside near the street’s water main or in the yard. If locating your home’s main water valve is difficult you can consult with a plumber for assistance in locating it. Visually, the main water shutoff often looks like a wheel with spokes. Sometimes a lever is also available.

4.  Check Water Pressure

With an increased level of activity, both inside and outside a Richmond, VA home, water pressure may become an issue. Maintaining good water pressure ensures all water-based activities can be performed with ease. Household water pressure can be checked with a store-bought gauge that is attached to an outside spigot. If you notice dwindling water pressure, a plumber can adjust your home’s regulator. Avoid costly water heater repair by regularly checking your home’s water pressure. Keep your water utilities and appliances in the most ideal shape by monitoring water pressure and signs of a pressure problem.

5.  Avoid Clogs

In addition to water heater repair, clogs in your home’s plumbing system can result in a costly repair bill. Prepare for routine clogs by keeping both a plunger and an inexpensive auger around. These tools should be used carefully. If neither tool works, a plumber may be needed. If you notice your toilets are flushing slowly or presenting discolored water into the tub, a professional plumber will be needed for thorough inspection. Cracks can also develop in water pipes, allowing water in and dropping water pressure to both the house and toilets. If your home experiences a sewer or septic pipe backing up the smell will often be noticeably bad and indicates a serious problem.

6.  Clear the Gutters

Your home’s gutters play an important role in keeping water away from your home, particularly the foundation. In order for gutters to work correctly they need to be free of any debris, including twigs, leaves and other materials. Keep the foundation of your home dry by keeping the gutters clean. Additionally, outside usage of a garden hose should be done away from the foundation of your home. Using a garden hose or sprinkler too close to the foundation of your property can result in water damage to the basement or other areas of your home.

7.  Save Water

Conserving water helps both the water-based appliances in your home and the overall planet. You can also avoid costly water heater repair by minimizing the amount of water your household uses. There are many methods for conserving water, including turning off water when you brush your teeth, checking faucets to ensure there are no leaks, soaking dishes instead of washing them under running water, washing the car at a car wash instead of at home and much more. In addition to helping Earth, conserving water will ultimately lower your water bill. A lower water bill equals more money for fun activities during the summer season.

When the warm weather arrives it’s important to monitor your plumbing system to ensure its health and avoid costly repairs and water heater repair issues. If something within your plumbing system is damaged, some type of repair may be needed, including water heater repair. Take the time to check your plumbing system at the beginning of every summer season. Simple efforts like surveying your home’s sprinkler system and keeping your gutters clean helps to maintain an efficient plumbing system. If you notice a water issue with your home, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond for all your plumbing needs!

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