Why You Need a Plumber to Install a Sump Pump in Your Richmond, VA Home

Why You Need a Plumber to Install a Sump Pump in Your Richmond, VA Home

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Sump pumps are designed to remove excess water in your basement. They are essential as they collect water and pump it out of your home. With the sump pump, your basement won’t flood in case a storm or heavy rains hit.

Not all homes have sump pumps as some homeowners do not realize its importance. They think that they do not really need it. Installing a sump pump in your basement goes beyond just preventing floods, it can also protect your homes from structural damage caused by excess water.

Below are a few reasons why you need to install sump pumps in your home. Contact a plumber in Richmond, VA to assist you with the installation.

1. Keeps Your Basement Dry

This is by far one of the major reasons why you need to talk to a plumber for a sump pump installation. If you are the type of homeowner who likes to store stuff in the basement, you need this all the more. All your valuables will be safe and dry when there is a storm. With a pressure sensor or a float activator, your sump pump will keep excess water away from your home. You will never have to worry about a damp basement ever again.

2. Protects Your Home

When your basement is dry, you won’t have problems caused by either mildew or molds. The latter doesn’t only cause serious health risks especially to those with respiratory problems, it can also incredibly damage a structure. With a sump pump, you are assured that no water will go in the basement. Always call a plumber so they can assist you with the sump pump installation for your home. The sump pump is usually installed at the lowest point of your basement.

To make sure that your sump pump works, do invest in battery backups. During a storm or heavy rains, your power lines could be knocked out. With the backup battery, you should be able to avoid shutdowns. It may cost you more but it’s definitely worth the extra investment.

3. Adds Value to Your Home

Consider installing a sump pump if you are thinking about selling your home as it can attract potential buyers. Most home buyers want to make sure that they will not have plumbing problems in the near future. Having a sump pump will convince them that their new home will always be safe when there is a storm or heavy rains. Do make sure that you work only with a licensed plumber in Richmond, VA when you decide to install a sump pump.

4. Long-term Investment

Fixing structural damage or dealing with a flooded basement will cost you money. Imagine how much it would cost when you keep calling a professional to help you. The cost would add up. With a sump pump, you are assured that you will never have to deal with any of these problems so long as your sump pump works perfectly fine. It’s a good long-term investment since sump pumps can last up to 25 years, depending on which type you plan to install for your home.

Sump Pumps Are Extremely Beneficial

A sump pump is a great tool for your home. It is a precautionary measure just in case a strong storm hits. However, some people still say that there are certain types of homes that do not need a sump pump. You won’t really know you need one unless your basement starts flooding. Some homeowners call for sump pump installation only when they have already experienced water problems in their homes. Before this happens, get in touch with a plumber so they can help you install a sump pump. No homeowner wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new home only to wake up one day that it has been damaged by the flood.

It is also imperative that you work with a licensed plumber when installing a sump pump. When the temperature drops too low, your sump pump lines could freeze especially when they are not buried at the right depth. Working with a professional ensures proper installation.

If you want a safer home, call a bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in Richmond, VA now so they can discuss with you how a sump pump works and everything else you need to know.

Test Your Sump Pump Regularly and Schedule Maintenance with a Plumber

To make sure that your sump pump works all the time, test it regularly. Just pour about 5 gallons of water into the sump pump and ensure that all parts are properly functioning. It should activate to drain the water, and also automatically shuts off.

In addition, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain to help you with the proper maintenance of your tool. Regular maintenance ensures your sump pump to last several years. Submersible pumps last for about 15 years with regular maintenance. Pedestal pumps would pump water out of your basement for up to 25 years when it’s properly maintained.

Maintaining the pump involves checking the valve, and cleaning the pump and the filters. If new parts do not seem to be functioning properly, call a plumbing company so they can check whether it needs repair or replacement.

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