What Is a Sump Pump? | Insight from Your Trusted Chester, VA Sump Pump Repair Experts

What Is a Sump Pump? | Insight from Your Trusted Chester, VA Sump Pump Repair Experts

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A sump pump usually sits in a sump pit. This a hole with a gravel base about 2 feet deep and 18 inches wide. It is usually dug in the lowest part of your basement. The pump turns on when the pit fills with water. The excess water is moved through pipes away from your house where it can drain safely away from the foundation. 

The typical home sump pump uses a centrifugal pump to move water. The pump contains a fanlike device called an impeller. The motor causes the impeller to spin extremely fast. This creates a centrifugal force, which compresses the water to the sides of the pipe. A lower pressure region now exists in the center of the pipe and water from the pit flows into it and then out of the pipe.

Different Types of Sump Pumps

There are two main types of a sump pump. Pedestal sump pump – this is cheaper and lasts longer than the submersible type and is designed to be high above the water since it is not waterproof. A pedestal sump pump repair is usually less as it is a simpler piece of equipment. Its main drawback is it does not deal with solids as well as a submersible type.

Submersible sump pump – as its name suggests this is built to be completely submerged in the water. It can pump a greater volume of water than the pedestal type. It is also less noisy and more compact in comparison with the pedestal type, but it’s more expensive.

Warning Signs That It’s Time for a Sump Pump Repair or Replacement

If you regularly have problems with excess moisture in or around your Chester, VA, home, a sump pump can be an enormous help. A sump pump removes excess water usually from a basement. It must work hard to keep your home dry.

No device will last forever, sooner or later you are going to need a sump pump repair or replacement. Fortunately, there are several signs to look out for so you can avoid the need for sump pump repair or replacement.

Any Excessive vibrations?

As water flows through your sump pump, dirt and gravel can get pulled into the pump’s impeller. If debris builds up the impeller could be damaged and bent out of shape, then the whole unit can start to vibrate excessively. At this point, you need a sump pump repair from one of our bluefrog’s expert plumbers. You should clean your sump pump regularly. You don’t want to spend money on a sump pump repair or replacement. An inefficient sump pump will not remove as much water, causing water damage.

Strange Noises?

You should not hear any odd or excessive noises coming from your sump pump; if you do, it might be time for a sump pump repair or replacement. We suggest that you call bluefrog straight away, the longer you wait the greater the chance your basement could be flooded.

Sump Pump Constantly Running

If your sump pump is operating all the time, the unit’s switch may not be working properly in turning the pump on and off. Your unit should only work when the water has started to pool up in the pit.

A continually running sump pump puts more mechanical wear and tear on the pump, leading to either a sump pump repair or replacement. If the sump pump is working all the time it could be picking up debris from the pit and causing more damage. You need a sump pump repair from a highly trained bluefrog plumber.

Electrical Failure

The motor in the sump pump may stop working due to an electrical fault. The fault could be in the pump, the battery backup, or the mains supply from the house. One of our skilled bluefrog plumbers will be able to tell you which and repair it.

Visible Rust

It shouldn’t be surprising that with so much water being pumped you should see rust on the pump. There’s not much you can do to prevent rust, but it’s a sign that you need a new sump pump.

Old Age

Nothing lasts forever and eventually tear and tear will mean that you will need a new sump pump.

Whenever you need a sump pump repair, replacement, or maintenance, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in the Chester, VA area are here to help. Our team of experienced plumbers can check your sump pump system and provide recommendations on the best replacement pump needed.

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