Sump Pump Repair in Richmond, VA

Sump Pump Repair in Richmond, VA

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A sump pump is a small pump that has been installed in a basement. Their purpose is to help keep the ground under the building dry and to prevent it from flooding.

Richmond, VA has a high-water table due to its proximity to the James River and this means that buildings with basements will be more likely to flood. Homes and offices must have a decent working sump pump to keep basements dry.

A flooded basement is likely to cause considerable structural damage, leading to expensive repairs. If your basement is moist, mold and mildew can grow, leading to asthma, allergic reactions, and other serious health issues.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain understands just how vital it is to have a dependable sump pump repair service available at all hours of the day or night. We have been Richmond’s most reliable plumbers for several years. If you need any sump pump repair then call the friendly team at bluefrog today and we will send an expert technician around to fix the problem.

Causes of Basement Flooding

The American Society of Home Inspectors has suggested that more than 60 percent of American homes suffer from below-ground moisture. Flooded basements are a problem in areas with a high water table. This is an issue made worse after torrential rain or heavy snowfall. There is little that you can do about rain and snow other than to ensure that the sump pump is well maintained and that it will be able to handle the stress of heavy storms.

A burst pipe can also flood your basement, so it is useful to know where your shut-off valve is. If you can smell sewage it could be from a sewage backup. You must have your plumbing system regularly maintained to prevent problems like this from occurring. This is a service that we offer at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. This will give you peace of mind and help prevent expensive repair bills.

Sump Pump Fundamentals

A sump pump usually sits in a pit in the lowest part of your basement. This pit has a gravel base and fills up with any excess water in the ground. As the pit fills up the water activates a pressure sensor or a float activator arm. This turns the sump pump on.

The water is then removed from the pit through pipes that drain the water safely away from your home. The pipe usually has a one-way valve at the pump end to stop the water from running back into the pit. They are straightforward mechanically but occasionally you will need a sump pump repair.

Various Types of Sump Pump

There are two main kinds of a sump pump, the submersible and pedestal sump pump. As its name suggests the submersible version is designed to be fully submerged in the water. They can pump greater volumes of water than the pedestal type and are also less noisy and smaller. But they are harder to install as they must go deeper into the pit and are more expensive.

A pedestal sump pump and has been designed to be above the water, as it is not waterproof. But it is cheaper and usually lasts longer than the submersible type. As it is a simpler piece of equipment, it is usually less to repair.

Signs You Will Need to Have a Sump Pump Repair

Sump pumps are normally very reliable, but occasionally you need a sump pump repair. There are some clear warning signs:

Sump Pump not standing upright – If it is not, any vibrations when it is working can cause it to fall or tilt onto one side. This can cause the float activator arm to get struck, meaning the pump will not switch on.

Excessive vibration – Sump pumps use centrifugal force to move water. This force is provided by a fanlike device called an impeller. When this rotates it causes a low-pressure region in the pipe and water from the pit rushes into it.

Dirt and gravel can get pulled into the pump’s impeller and cause damage to it by bending it out of shape. This leads to the unit vibrating excessively. This situation will need a sump pump repair from one of bluefrog’s expert technicians. If you procrastinate, there is a much greater chance your basement could be flooded.

Hearing Strange Sounds – Sump pumps do make noise but not excessive amounts. An out-of-shape impeller could be the cause but whatever the reason we recommend that you call bluefrog straight away. You may need a sump pump repair or even a replacement.

Sump Pump Continually Running – if your sump pump is running all the time, then the switch that turns the pump on and off may not be working properly. If there is no water in the pit there is a danger that the sump pump will be picking up debris from the pit and causing more damage.

Clean Your Sump Pump Regularly

Every so often, pour a bucket of water into the pit to make sure the pump begins automatically, and the water drains rapidly once the pump is on. If the pump does not start, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond, VA for a sump pump repair. If you can remove a submersible pump from the pit, clean the grate on the bottom, to ensure that dirt and gravel do not get into the pump.

Why Choose bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond, VA?

It is not fun waking up to find your basement has flooded. Not only is it causing structural damage to your home, but it is dangerous as well. The first thing you must do is turn off the electricity supply. Water and electricity do not mix, and you do not want to electrocute yourself or one of bluefrog’s technicians.

Sump pump repairs are one of the many things that bluefrog’s technicians specialize in. That is why we are the top plumbing company in Richmond, VA. We put you as the customer first. Also, we will put you and your family’s safety first.

We will not leave your home until the job is done to your satisfaction. Cleaning up after a basement flood can be a dirty and stressful event and you can count on us to get the job done properly, the first time, every time. Give us a call if you need a sump pump repair or any other plumbing jobs.

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