Six Signs You Need a Faucet Repaired or Replaced | Tips from Your Trusted Glen Allen, VA Plumber

Six Signs You Need a Faucet Repaired or Replaced | Tips from Your Trusted Glen Allen, VA Plumber

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If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely started to worry about your faucet. Ask any plumber, and they’ll tell you that faucets are one of those problems you should never ignore. For example, a leaking faucet can be wasting hundreds of gallons of water per year and costing you money. You rely on your faucet for cooking, washing dishes, and washing your hands. It’s a housing staple that is used multiple times throughout the day, every day. You can avoid a complete plumbing breakdown by spotting the early warning signs you need faucet repairing. We outline the six most common signs that you should call a plumber for your faucet so you can act early.

1. A Dripping or Leaking Faucet

If you notice that your faucet continues to drip even when it’s turned completely off, you have a problem. Similarly, you should never see a water leak forming around the base of the faucet stem or underneath the sink. This problem can stem from various issues, including high water pressure in your pipes or malfunctioning pipes. Sometimes, it can be a sign of a more significant plumbing issue that needs to be addressed quickly. Call a professional for a full diagnosis and an immediate fix.

If you ignore this issue, it can waste water throughout the year, spiking your utility bill. A leak around the base can also cause damage to your sink or lead to mold growth.

2. Sounds Coming from the Faucet

Generally speaking, your faucet shouldn’t be making much noise. If your faucet is making any sound, it’s usually a sign you need to call a plumber for maintenance or repairs for a significant problem.

A screeching noise likely is from a worn rubber washer that has hardened over time. This is an easy fix, you simply replace the rubber, and it’s as good as new! A clanking or clicking sound may indicate something more complex to repair. If the sound comes from the faucet (not the pipes), your plumber will likely take apart the faucet and inspect it for potential cracks.

If your faucet handles make a squeaky noise every time you turn the handle, it’s likely from worn-out threads at the stem of the faucet. This is a typical problem that occurs as the faucet’s interior structure succumbs to wear and tear over time. A great plumber can fix this issue and have your handle working smoothly again in no time!

3. Abnormal Water Pressure

Abnormally low or high pressure can be frustrating to deal with. However, it’s also a sign of a plumbing problem at hand. A faucet that is not properly fixed into its encasing can be responsible for abnormal water pressure. Or, the incorrect water pressure can be an indication of another problem, such as water leaks, lack of water supply, or clogged pipes. Either way, don’t ignore abnormal water pressure. Call a professional for an inspection to find out what the problem is.

4. Irregular Water Discharge

Your faucet shouldn’t have irregular water discharge. This includes water spewing out of your faucet from different angles or water bubbling. Anytime this happens, it can be quite frustrating, as it often causes the water to spill everywhere and make a mess.

Usually, unusual water flow is a result of a worn-out diverter valve or a faulty aerator. An aerator is a screen that covers the tip of the faucet. A diverter valve directs water to one of two possible locations, such as from the bathtub to the sink. A professional can easily replace both of these parts.

If your unusual water discharge is happening with a loud sputtering sound, it’s a cause for concern. This usually means there is some internal plumbing damage and an emergency plumber is required.

5. Rust, Corrosion, or Visible Mineral Deposits

If you’re noticing a collection of rust, corrosion, mold, or mineral deposits around your faucet stem, it’s time for a replacement. No matter how much you clean, the rust will keep coming back. Corrosion happens when the plumbing fixture loses its protective coating. This is a typical result of gradual wear and tear, but that protective coating won’t come back once it’s gone. That is why you need to replace the faucet. Otherwise, you’re left looking at a rusty faucet that looks ugly and dirty. Additionally, if you don’t replace it quickly, the rust can impact the quality of water from the faucet. Avoid the risk of drinking rusty water and call a plumber!

The same thing applies if you notice mold around your faucet. Mold occurs after the faucet’s protective coating is gone and won’t go away without a faucet replacement. Mold is unhealthy to breathe in or drink in, so you want to address this issue immediately.

6. Scratches and Cracks

You can shine your faucet clean, but you can’t buff out any scratches or cracks. Depending on the type of material your faucet is made of, you may be able to have a plumber repair a break. However, if you have a ceramic faucet, we recommend you move straight onto the replacement. Ceramic ages poorly, so a crack that is repaired often breaks again in no time at all.

Call your plumber and ask if they think a repair or a replacement is best. Whatever you do, don’t ignore cracks. If left unaddressed, they can deepen, resulting in more significant plumbing issues down the road.

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