Seven Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber | Richmond, VA

Seven Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber | Richmond, VA

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Some home repairs require little more than a trip to the local hardware store, but plumbing issues almost never fall into that category. In fact, one of the most common reasons that a seemingly-simple plumbing issue becomes a full-blown emergency is failure to call in an emergency plumber when the problem presents itself.

The complexity of plumbing repairs requires the experience and knowledge of a professional who can render a repair without causing damage to the entire system.

Wondering if you need to call an emergency plumber, Richmond, VA? Here is a run-down of some of the most common plumbing maladies that definitely require professional expertise:

1. Clogged Pipes

There are shelves full of over-the-counter products promising a quick fix for clogged pipes. But, more often than not, clogged pipes require professional service to clear them properly.

Over time, the various items that enter your plumbing system cause build up in the lines. This happens from flushing items down the toilet, running old food through the kitchen sink disposal or items that disappear down shower, bath or bathroom sink drains.

Combined with the routine wear and tear of the pipe material and the intrusion of natural elements, like tree roots, you may easily end up with a clog that a liquid cleansing agent won’t fix.

If you have a clog, call in an emergency plumber to deal with the issue and conduct an assessment of your plumbing system.

2. No Water At All

If you turn on the faucet in your home and have no water at all, call a plumber immediately. Then, check with your neighbors to ensure the issue is not a widespread one. Even if it is a qualified emergency plumber, Richmond, VA can help you figure out the right person to call.

If the issue is just with your home, then you might have a major plumbing problem that requires specialized knowledge and a more targeted approach.

Whatever you do, don’t try to diagnose the issue on your own. Main line backups, busted pipes and more are all potential causes of a lack of water flowing through your system. None of these are issues that can be repaired without the knowledge and tools of an emergency plumber.

3. Hot Water Heater Issues

Whether you are getting no hot water at all or your hot water isn’t getting past the warm stage, hot water heaters can be extraordinarily complex. One of the biggest blunders you can make is attempting a DIY fix only to find that by doing so, you’ve voided any warranty you might have on the product.

Even something as simple as replacing hot water heater elements can turn into a bigger job, especially with newer models. Reach out to an emergency plumber who can not only resolve the issue in question, but also, conduct a thorough inspection of the entire appliance to ensure that everything is working as it should.

4. Sewer Smell

This is another major calamity that requires the services of a professional plumber. Do not just resolve to deal with the smell in an effort to address it later. The wafting scent of sewage through your space may indicate a major breach somewhere in your plumbing system.

Avoiding it might cause water and/or structural damage to other areas of your home.

The reason for a sewage smell might be issues with ventilation in your drainpipes or it could be a clog. Depending on the reason for the smell, it might be an indicator of much more significant plumbing distress. Ignoring it will definitely make the issue worse.

To indicate the potential source of the problem, walk around your home to determine where the smell seems the strongest. This will give the plumber a point from which to start in locating the issue.

5. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are not only costly to your monthly water bill, but also, they can cause lasting water damage in your home. Even the simplest of leaks might indicate wear-and-tear on your system that necessitates an emergency plumber.

Some leaks are not as obvious as others; for instance, some manifest as water spots on the ceiling or wall. Additional signs of leaky pipes include frequent mold or mildew growth in bathroom spaces or a constantly spinning water meter.

This is one of the reasons it’s prudent to schedule routine plumbing inspections. This allows professional plumbers to catch and repair potential problems before they become emergencies. However, if a pipe is leaking significantly, call in an emergency plumber before the problem spins out of control.

6. Leaking Plumbing Fixtures

It might seem like dripping from an outdoor hose bib or kitchen sink faucet is an easy home improvement. However, it is not uncommon to fix one area and end up with issues in another when it comes to plumbing.

A leaking faucet fix might allow the fixture to work more effectively, putting pressure on a weak area further down the line.

An emergency plumber will ensure the replacement of a leaky plumbing fixture does not impact other aspects of the plumbing line.

7. Little to No Water Pressure

Again, it might seem tempting to seek answers on your own, but water pressure issues in plumbing are complex. Save yourself the time, cost and headache down the road by calling in a professional immediately. After all, the issue could be with the municipal water supply or it might be a water main break.

There are other potential causes for little to no water pressure, including issues with your home’s shut-off valve or a blockage in your system. Professional plumbers have an array of diagnostic tools to determine where the issue is and repair it accordingly.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or want to schedule maintenance to avoid a future plumbing emergency, call the experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond, VA, or visit our website.

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