How to Identify Sewer Drain Issues | Insight from Your Trusted Glen Allen, VA Drain Cleaning Service Experts

How to Identify Sewer Drain Issues | Insight from Your Trusted Glen Allen, VA Drain Cleaning Service Experts

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Underground plumbing systems like sewer lines remain unnoticed until any issue develops and the problem escalates. With time, the sewer lines can get damaged or clogged, and you can’t see the problem before it gets out of control.

Plumbing issues like sewer drain clogs are severe and costly. When they happen, you need to call experts for an immediate drain cleaning service. Any delays can result in foul smells, sewer backups, and profound damages around your property.

Don’t worry, though, as here is a guide to help you identify the causes of clogged sewer drains and the best remedies to deal with them.

What Causes Sewer Line Clogging

Many houses around Glen Allen, VA, are old with ancient sewer lines. Sewer line backups are common in such homes. But, the new houses are also not immune to this issue. Many factors can cause your drains to back up. The primary indicators that you can identify before the problem grows are:

Tree Root Infestation

Old sewer lines made from porous materials like clay are vulnerable to tree or shrub growth. Even the pipe sections in old lines have loose connections compared to modern PVC pipes.

Hence, the tree and shrub roots near your sewer drains may latch onto the pipes when searching for water sources. They will grow into the drains to reach the water and cause line breaks when the roots expand over time.

Before the problem becomes severe and causes damages to the entire home’s pipelines, you should call expert drain cleaning service providers near you to rid your property of the tree root infestation.

Bellied Sewer Lines

Your sewer lines may sag with time due to soil or ground conditions. If you notice a section of the pipe sunk into the ground, call pros for immediate drain cleaning service before the low spot starts collecting waste and debris. If left unnoticed, it may cause repeat blockages or multiple clogs in your home.

Pipe Damages

Ruptured or broken sewer pipes are an alarming sign that your sewer system needs proper inspection. With broken lines, the sewage won’t drain properly and cause frequent backups. Pipe damages can occur due to several reasons like shifting soil, heavy foot traffic, corrosion, or leaky joints between the pipe sections.

Please don’t take this issue lightly as it points to heavy repairs in the future. As soon as you notice a broken joint or slow-running drain, call experts for a drain cleaning service immediately.

Grease in the Drains

Most Glen Allen, VA homes have grease, oil, and fats sticking to their drains. That’s because these substances solidify inside the drains and cause tough clogging. Even hot water pushing the grease down the drain can’t wash it away. It will anyhow harden and stick to the drains causing sewer line clogging.

Use a coffee can for pouring the hot grease, so you can throw it away when it hardens at room temperature.

Debris in the Toilet Drains

Many homeowners do not realize that flushing debris down their toilets can cause expensive sewer issues. Unwanted objects in the drains will build up and block the water movement inside them. They may also create weak points where the pipes may burst with the slightest pressure. If it happens, do not delay a drain cleaning service by the professionals.

How Do You Know If You Have a Sewer Line Issue?

In most cases, identifying plumbing issues before they become worse can save you a lot of money and headache. Luckily, your sewer drains send many warning signals to make you aware of an upcoming issue. Look out for these signs to take proactive steps for remedying them.

Changes in Your Water Bills

When your monthly water bills go up despite your conservation efforts, it may be a warning sign of a major leak in your home. It can be a sewer line or main plumbing line of your home that needs immediate inspection. If it is indeed clogged, don’t delay a drain cleaning service, too.

Gurgling or Bubbling Sounds

Any faint gurgle when flushing your toilet may be due to the sewer line clogging somewhere. So, when you hear any such strange noises, contact your local plumber for a drain cleaning service.

Multiple Clogging

If several faucets and drains around your home are clogging simultaneously, it can be due to a major sewer line issue. As soon as you notice more than plumbing fixtures backing up, call the experts immediately for a drain cleaning service.

Frequent Backups

If your toilets backup frequently, don’t brush the problem aside as a faulty valve. Frequent backups may occur due to sewer line issues that can’t be resolved with a liquid drain cleaner.

Changes in Your Landscaping

Have you noticed any visible changes in your lawn lately? It can be due to a broken sewer line that causes an indentation in the garden or soggy grass patches. If these happen without any changes in your watering patterns or climate, you may link it to the underground sewer line leakages. Calling the pros for emergency service is your safest bet in such cases.

Unpleasant Smells

When you notice the foul stench of sewage anywhere in your home, it indicates a bigger problem in your plumbing system. Keep your family away from the area and call your plumber for emergency drain cleaning service before the clogging destroys your entire plumbing line.

Call Local Plumbing Pros in Glen Allen, VA, to Deal with Sewer Line Issues

Sewer line replacement and repairs are not a DIY chore. Please leave it to professional plumbers like us. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond, VA, we employ the best methods like video inspection cameras to locate the problem and trenchless repairs to fix the issue without hampering the entire pipeline. We believe in causing minimum damage and repairing the damage in a cost-friendly way. Call us today at 804-930-8762 for an inspection.

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