How Does a Sewer Line Inspection Work? | Insight from Your Trusted Short Pump, VA Drain Cleaning Professionals

How Does a Sewer Line Inspection Work? | Insight from Your Trusted Short Pump, VA Drain Cleaning Professionals

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Most people think of a drain cleaning service as a pretty laborious chore but drain cleaning has come a long way over the past decade. The invention and incorporation of sophisticated technology have really changed the way that plumbers are able to address problems in the sewage system. While some plumbers still use a snake, a lot of problems can be discovered and solved with the use of a sewer camera inspection. This small camera has helped change the way that plumbers complete drain cleaning services and the outcome

If you think you need a drain cleaning service or are skeptical about paying for one in the Short Pump, VA area, you may be interested to read up on the technology. A sewer camera inspection can help troubleshoot a lot of problems before they become major issues. Here are just a few ways that these tiny cameras can change the way that a plumber deals with your sewage problems. Curious about how a sewer inspection works during a drain cleaning service in Short Pump, VA? Keep reading to find out.

What Is the Point of Sewer Inspection Cameras?

So, what is the buzz over a sewer inspection camera? Well to start, the camera itself resembles a long snake because that is what the device is designed to do. Much like the snake that a plumber may use during a drain cleaning service, this camera snake is designed to slide easily down your pipes and bend away any twists that may exist along your pipeline. Along the way, the camera records everything it sees, so that during the service your plumber is actually able to have eyes on your entire drain system.

How Does the Camera System Work?

The very top of the snake holds the camera and is slowly thread through your pipe system. As mentioned, the HD camera records everything along the way so that a plumber can watch the screen. The fact that the camera is tiny, and the snake is bendy allows the plumber to snake it through any contour or curve of the sewage line. At the end of the rod are bright LED lights which help light up even the darkest areas of the drain system. This means that plumbers can actually see everything underground. If there are any clogs, partial clogs, tree roots, fractures in the pipelines, breaks, or anything else the plumber can see it. This allows them to more effectively execute a drain cleaning service plan instead of just guessing at what may be going on under the ground.

What Is a Plumber Looking for During a Drain Cleaning Service?

There are several situations that a professional plumber is looking for when they use an inspection camera. First of all, they look carefully at the pipeline looking for pipes that have shifted, joints that appear to be coming apart, cracks, and any collapsed area of piping. They are also keeping an eye out for corrosion. This is especially important when performing a drain cleaning service in Short Pump, VA on older homes. Newer homes and sewer systems use PVC piping which does not really corrode, but older systems were made of metal pipes which will corrode over time. Older pipes are also more likely to have corrosion.

During a drain cleaning service, plumbers also keep an eye out for wayward tree roots that have started to grow inside of the sewer line. If the tree root has just started to move towards the pipeline, then it can be easily cleaned and fixed. However, if the tree root is now impeding the entire pip a major repair might need to be scheduled. Given the difference between a small tree root and a large tree root is thousands of dollars, it is worth finding out which one it is.

If the plumber is there because you are having issues with your drain system, then they will use the camera system to inspect for blockages. Drainage pipes have many different ways that they can block, and a camera can diagnose exactly what is causing the blockage. Wastes, toilet paper, food items, tree roots, and tissues are just some of the most likely culprits. There are hundreds more. Until a plumber knows exactly what they are working with they cannot properly treat the blockage.

Finally, when using the camera, a plumber will be on the lookout for any leaks that exist in the pipeline. Small leaks can exist without any sign, so you may not even be aware of them. However, small leaks lead to large leaks that will cause your yard to smell like sewage and backup. Therefore, it is worth it to find these small leaks before you get to that point.

Who Should Schedule a Camera Line Inspection?

Anyone who thinks they need a drain cleaning service should schedule a camera line inspection at the same time. An inspection is not needed with every cleaning, but it is a good idea if a plumber has never actually looked at your drain system. In addition, if you have an older home it is probably a good idea to have a plumber inspect your lines to see what type of shape, they are in. These are all good things to be aware of before a drain cleaning is attempted. You don’t want the drain cleaning process to damage any piping that may be old and frail.

If you are ready to schedule a camera line inspection give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond a call. The expert plumbers at bluefrog can take a good look at your pipes and offer you recommendations and advice for keeping them clean and in pristine shape.

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