How Do You Know If Your Water Heater Needs Replacement? | Chester, VA

How Do You Know If Your Water Heater Needs Replacement? | Chester, VA

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A water heater is silent but one of the most essential appliances your home owns. From taking a shower to doing the daily chores, like dishwashing—its importance in day-to-day life is enormous.

But what happens if one fine morning you are hit by the cold shower? The unexpected event puts you on edge! You barely know what to do or how to deal with it. Perhaps you need a water heater replacement, but wait, how are you going to be sure?

Well, you can always call your plumber and confirm. If you are living in Chester, VA, then we are at your service at all times. From cleaning drains to water heater replacements, we put a full stop to all your plumbing worries.

So here’s sharing a few signs that would tell you that it’s time to bring home a new water heater unit:

  • The Water Is Rusty

Have you lately been receiving discolored water from your heater? Well, the thumb rule says that you should only be receiving clear water and nothing else. If you have noticed the water to be a little hazy at times, that is maybe due to the water pressure fluctuations. And it should go back to its clear form once the pressure evens out.

However, if you notice distinct discoloration, like rusty, brownish water with floating dark particles, then it has something to do with your water heater.

Some DIY hacks will tell you to add magnesium, zinc, aluminum to prevent rust, but there is a high probability that these tricks won’t work. 

Yes, it is indeed a fact that the heater accumulates sediments, which can also change the color of the water. So to be 100% sure, consult a plumbing professional only they can investigate and tell you about the real issue and whether you need a water heater replacement.

  •  The Water Hardly Heats Up

One of the most easy-to-spot signs to consider a water heater replacement is when your heater fails to comfort you with enough hot water. You would notice that the temperature hardly rises, the best you can get is lukewarm water, or you are struck by the nightmarish chilled splashes. 

Now, temperature issues are triggered by mineral deposits as well. The build-up prevents the heating agents from functioning in the supposed way. And there is only one way to find out the source—discuss the issue with a plumber, let him have a look, and he will tell you whether a repair will do or it is high time you go for a water heater replacement.

  •  It Is Unusually Noisy

Your water heater’s job is to supply hot water whenever you need it without making any sort of noise. But if you are getting certain banging or rumbling noises, it could be due to the sediments. While sedimentation is natural, if it is heated and reheated over countless months and years, it ends up wasting energy and uses up a lot of the heater’s capacity. 

The hardened sediments can make your heater go noisy, and the professionals can help you with a water heater replacement process. Fortunately, the Chester, VA residents have our reputed plumbing agency as their next-door guys. Don’t hesitate to call us if you suspect anything unwonted; we are always happy to help.

  •  You Run Out of Hot Water Too Quickly

You could be in the middle of washing your clothes or your hair during the weekends, and out of nowhere, the cold sprinkles make you panic! Well, this is a pretty ordinary situation if there is something wrong with your heater. Perhaps this is its way of telling you that you are overtaxing it and a water heater replacement is necessary.

Typically, your hot water tank would have the heating element at the top and at the bottom to keep the water evenly warmed. If you are recurrently running out of hot water, the heating elements are not working properly. 

  •  There’s a Leak

Leaking water heaters are a headache. Lately, if you have not been satisfied with its performance, then consider taking a closer look. Leakages take place rather quietly but can be a major sign of an internal problem.

If you see water dripping by your heater or moisture gathering on the heater, it is a sign of leakage. Its adverse effects include:

  • loss of water pressure
  • water damage
  • corrosion that eventually eats away the rest of your water tank
  • high possibility that your water tank would burst

Leakages must not be ignored, and you should call your plumber right away so a water heater replacement can be carried out successfully and responsibly.

  •  Your Heating Unit Is Old Enough

If you and your water heater have been old buddies, perhaps it is time to part ways. To be sure of its exact age, look for the serial number. It should be somewhere around the top on the manufacturer’s sticker. 

In general, it is the first two numbers that represent the year, but they can vary. If the sticker does not help, look up the manufacturer’s website to garner more information. If you haven’t changed your heater in the last 10-years, then it is pretty old, and a water heater replacement would be a good idea this time.

Water Heater Replacement or Repair—Which One Is Better?

Honestly, it is not for you to be decisive about your water heater issues all the time. If the damage is severe or irreparable, your plumber will always suggest that you invest in a fresh set.

So if you recognize these common signs, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond; we service the Chester, VA area, and you can rest assured that we will take care of all of your water heater complications!

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