Getting Your Water Heater Flushed by a Professional Water Heater Repair Service|Short Pump, VA

Getting Your Water Heater Flushed by a Professional Water Heater Repair Service|Short Pump, VA

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Water heaters are one of the most heavily-used appliances at home. They have to go through the constant cycle of heating and cooling throughout their lifespan. Besides, they stay constantly exposed to water, which causes their share of damages. However, regular maintenance of water heaters and timely repairs will enable them to perform through their lifespan. In case they break down, hire professionals for water heater repair in Short Pump, VA, rather than opting for DIY methods. This will prevent further unwanted breakdowns and ensure that it performs smoothly round the year.

Because of this, it is ideal that you let professionals flush your water heaters from time to time. With a water heater repair and flush, a professional will flush out all the water from the water heater tank and all the sediments along with it.

Here Are Some Reasons:

Water is never entirely “pure,” as we mean by the time. Hard water, especially, has a good percentage of minerals, the commonest of them being magnesium and calcium. When the heater heats the water inside the tank, the minerals get heated up, and they start solidifying, creating scale-like patterns in the inner walls of the heater and around the inlet and outlets.

They could also solidify into a thick layer of sediment at the bottom of the tank. If a professional flushes the water heater, then you can be sure that all the sediment has been properly drained out. They will also scrape out the inner walls and bottom of the heater if the sediment is especially thick and solidified over time.

You should never try to use DIY methods or opt for chemical cleaning yourself without knowing the water heater well. It could corrode the parts, and you could have to replace the entire heater or go for extensive water heater repair.

Simply draining the water will not always remove the sediment, especially if it has already settled and solidified. You will just be draining the water from the top while the sediments remain inside the tank. The tank will eventually take longer to heat up, as most tanks are heated from the bottom, and the sediment will absorb most of the heat before it is passed on to the water.

This will drive up your electricity costs as well, as the heater has to work longer. With professional flushing in Short Pump, VA, every bit of sediment will be cleaned out. Or else, all that extra pressure on the heater might cause it to break down, and you will end up needing a much expensive water heater repair.

If your water heater has to work double to heat the water, many inner components will be exposed to heat for longer durations. Yes, they are built to withstand high temperatures, but eventually, it will be too much for them to take in if this goes on for extended periods.

The components might stop functioning one by one, and you will need expert water heater repair to fix them. If not taken care of in time, you might also be looking at an expensive replacement. The motor is the most expensive part of the heater- it’s like the beating heart. If the motor starts malfunctioning, you will not be able to use the heater unless it is fixed, and it will need extensive water heater repair.

Having a plumber maintain your water heater by flushing it regularly, you can avoid a hot water shortage. Look at it this way. If one-fourth of your water heater is filled with sediments, you will have less hot water for use.

Meaning, you will have to reheat water time and again to get a constant supply, putting more pressure on the heater, just the thing we want to avoid. With professional flushing, you will have your heater heating water at its full capacity. Once you have all the hot water you need, the heater will get its much-deserved rest, preventing the parts from depreciating too soon and you won’t need water heater repair for a long time.

This is especially required during the festive winter seasons when you have guests coming or staying over, and you need hot water more than ever. You don’t want anyone in the family falling sick because the water was too cold.

One of the first signs of the water heater is under pressure is that you will notice strange noises coming from within. This can be due to the layer of sediment cracking and popping. It sounds bad and if it goes on for long, it could damage the heater.

A chunk of sediment could also just break off and clog the inlet or the outlet, restricting your access to hot water when you need it the most. With professional cleaning, you will be able to avoid all unnecessary water heater repairs and ensure that the heater runs at full efficiency.

Get Professional Water Heater Flushing Services at Short Pump, VA 

Short Pump, VA, can experience some very cold winters, which is why you need access to hot water throughout the day. It will not do for the water heater to break down. The best way to prevent any mishap is to contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond, VA for water heater flushing services.

Professionals will visit your home for a plumbing inspection and will be able to tell you how hard your water is and how much sediment could accumulate over a given period. Then, they will also help with the flushing, leaving your water heater running at full capacity.

Just in case your water heater has already suffered some kind of damage due to overheating or sediment accumulation, they use expert water heater repair techniques to fix your heater. Give them a call for a consultation and quotes so you don’t have to worry about your water heater breaking down this season anymore.

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