Common Issues with Home Sewer Systems | Insight from Your Richmond, VA Drain Cleaning Service Experts

Common Issues with Home Sewer Systems | Insight from Your Richmond, VA Drain Cleaning Service Experts

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Your sewer line is the largest drain in your home, and unfortunately, that means that it is the most susceptible to clogs, blockages, and other major issues. If you find yourself in trouble, you will need to call a drain cleaning service in Richmond, VA. Calling a drain cleaning service on occasion is normal for most homeowners, but if you find yourself calling on a semi-frequent basis, this is a clear sign that something is wrong with your drain system. The following are a few of the most common reasons that you may have trouble with your drain system, and some helpful tips that describe what you should do.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are one of the largest causes of problems with your home sewer system. Trees are vital to our existence and are beautiful to look at, but they are also major pains when it comes to home sewer systems. If you have a large tree in your front yard there is a good chance that at some point the roots are going to interfere with your sewage system. Your waste is full of water and nutrients that are attractive to tree roots, and many times they will grow towards the piping. What starts as a little root growing into the pipe becomes a large root over time.

Eventually, you may have a complete pipe blockage because of a large tree root that has grown into your sewer line. You may find that a quick drain cleaning service is not enough to repair the problem. Especially if the root has damaged the entire sewer line. With any luck, the drain cleaning service can remove the tree roots and restore the water flow, but if the piping is cracked or split then you may need a sewer line replacement. While you may not want to take down your tree, regular drain cleaning can help you keep your lines clean so that you don’t get to the point of needing a replacement. Homes with large trees are recommended to have a drain cleaning service at least once a year, and sometimes every six months.

Broken or Misaligned Pipes

While trees are the number one reason why sewer pipes break or become misaligned, they are not the only reason. Oftentimes frozen ground can cause the pipes to break or become misaligned as one gently rises above the other. When the ground freezes it can shift as it thaws, and the pipes move along with it. If you have a break in your sewer line you will probably notice a foul smell in your front yard wafting out of it. Additionally, you may also notice that the ground around the broken sewer line is saturated with wastewater.

Replacement is likely your only option at this point, but a drain cleaning service can use a scope to look down your line. It will determine that this is the problem before beginning any construction. It’s a good idea to verify the break before starting replacement since it is a costly and highly involved task.

Grease Blockages

Like any other pipe in your home, sewer pipes can get blocked causing water to back up in your home. Usually, when a sewer line has a blockage you will see the wastewater backup the basement floor drain. Grease is usually the culprit, but other things can accuse a clog as well. The problem with grease is that it goes down the sink as a liquid, but then hardens once inside your pipes. Over time the grease will build up if you continue to flush it down your drains. It also will become sticky and pull other larger items into it creating an even larger clog. A drain cleaning service should be able to easily remove this type of blockage from your drains.

Other common blockages occur from things like flushable wipes, which are anything but safe for your septic system, and other similar matters. If you have children in your house it is also not uncommon for toys to get flushed down the drain that eventually ends up in the septic line creating a clog. A drain cleaning should be able to get all of these things cleaned out for you. If you have regular blockages, then a drain cleaning service will probably suggest a video scope to take a closer look down your pipes and see what is going on. They also might determine that the best course of action is regular cleanings.

Leaking Joints

Like most pipes, the plumbing pipes that make up your sewer line can only last for so long. While you can easily live in a house for decades without a sewage issue, eventually the seals on the pipes will start to break down. When this happens, the water will start to escape out of the popes and infiltrate the ground around the pipes. Before too long, you will notice that your front yard is taking on a sewage smell, which is your first indicator that something is wrong. This can also happen if the pipe seals break and a section of the pipe sinks into the ground. Then instead of flowing into the next pipe, the wastewater will pool in the ground. Either way, a drain cleaning service needs to address this type of issue right away.

If you live in a home that is experiencing sewer issues in Richmond, VA, you need a professional company to help you solve them.bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Richmond, VA has been helping customers with their sewer issues for decades and are glad to help you. We are one of the top drain cleaning services of the area, and we are happy to come clean and inspect your sewer lines. Give us a call today to find out how we can get your sewer system back into top shape.

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