5 Ways To Prevent Slab Leaks | Glen Allen, VA

5 Ways To Prevent Slab Leaks | Glen Allen, VA

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The cost of repairing slab leaks ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the amount of damage done to the plumbing and whether the contractors need to rip out any of the concrete. The entire process can be very time-consuming. If you’ve ever had to have a slab leak repaired, you’ll know it’s not something that you or your wallet would like to go through again.

The best way to avoid leaks in your foundation is to take preventative measures whenever possible. There are many different things that you can do, but we’ll look at five specific tactics in this article.

#1 Test the pH of Your Water

The acidity of your water can have a huge effect on the condition of your plumbing. It’s essential to test your water’s pH to ensure that your plumbing remains in good shape. You can test the pH of the water in your home in different ways, but the easiest is to use pH test strips. You can ask a plumber to help you treat water that’s too acidic or alkaline. If your water is too acidic or basic, treat it with an acid neutralizer.

If you’re not sure what to do with your water, you can always ask a plumber to take a look at your plumbing system. Depending on the situation, some plumbers may even recommend installing some type of water treatment device. A water softener or a filter can make a huge difference. The only thing that you need to do is determine where the filter or softener should be installed.

#2 Be Mindful of What You Put Down the Drain

Slab leaks can also be easily damaged by burst plumbing. To prevent the plumbing from bursting, be mindful of what you toss down the drain. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners and other harsh household cleaners. You should also avoid tossing fats, oils, and grease down the drain.

On that same note, you should also get regular drain cleaning services as well. Regular drain cleaning services can help you avoid slab leaks. You will also find that the cost of regular drain cleaning services is significantly cheaper than the cost of repairing slab leaks.

#3 Get Your Home’s Water Pressure Checked

Another thing that you should consider doing is to have the water pressure in your home checked. In general, most plumbers will recommend that you keep the water pressure in your home around 40 to 60 PSI. If the water pressure in your home is too high, there will be a lot of stress on the pipes and joints. This can cause the connections to loosen and the pipes to degrade.

If the water pressure is too high, get a plumber to adjust the pressure. High pressure can be caused by many different things. For example, thermal expansion inside your home can also cause pressure to increase. Our plumbers will not only adjust the pressure of the water inside your home but will also take a look at the underlying causes behind the issue. They’ll try to provide you with a solution that will prevent this problem from happening again in the future.

#4 Get the Soil Around the Home Checked

Another thing that you should get checked is the soil around your home. Expansive soil shifts are one of the number one causes of leaks. Studies show that about 25% of homes in the US will sustain some type of damage due to expansive soils.

One thing that you can do is to get an expert to inspect the soil around your home. You also want to keep the soil around your house moist throughout the entire year. This is especially true for those who live in Glen Allen, VA, as temperatures can get pretty hot here. Make sure that there isn’t a gap between the foundation and the soil, but make sure that you don’t overdo it either, as it could end up damaging your yard.

#5 Get Your Plumbing Inspected Annually

Last but not least, make sure that you get your plumbing inspected annually. It’ll make a huge difference. Our plumbers will be able to easily keep an eye out for signs of slab leaks so that they can be repaired before they become an even larger problem. They’ll also be able to point out whether there are any vulnerable areas in your house. While slab leaks may not be present yet, there may be a risk of them developing depending on the conditions on your property.

If you get regular drain cleaning services, most plumbing companies will also provide some type of inspection. They’ll be able to use a video camera to look at the condition of your plumbing to see whether there is anything that needs to be addressed. This is one of the best ways to keep an eye out for a slab leak and ensure that your plumbing is in great condition. You can even use these inspections to increase the resale value of your home. Potential buyers will be much more likely to put in a higher offer if they know that the plumbing is in pristine condition still.

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